Frequently Asked Questions

What is Penalty Cards?

Penalty Cards is a game supplement that helps raise the stakes of any multiplayer game!  Each card has a punishment on it that the loser of the game must perform.


This helps keep long games exciting and incentivizes all players to still try their hardest, even if they won't win.

What games can I use Penalty Cards with?

Penalty Cards works great with almost any multiplayer game including board, card, athletic, and video games!

For example, the person with the worst mini golf score has to perform the challenge on the Penalty Card.

What if I don't want to do something gross 🥺?

There are varying levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium, and Hard) that you can and your friends can choose from!  But if you already lost and agreed to the punishment, you're out of luck 😬.

What is "Winner's Choice (👑 WC)"?

Winner's Choice is a bonus found on some cards that allows the winner of the game to influence the punishment.


For example, If the punishment is getting a temporary tattoo with a permanent marker, the Winner's Choice would allow the winner to pick the tattoo design.

Will there be a physical release of Penalty Cards?

Yes!  Right now, we're beta-testing the concept with an iOS app that you can try here, but we plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make physical Penalty Cards very soon. 


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What's the difference between the Base Pack and the Expansion Packs?

The Base Pack is the main card pack that has general punishments that can be performed anywhere.


Expansion packs have punishments geared towards different environments or demographics, like the 18+ pack for parties, the family pack for our younger audience, and the virtual pack for online games.


We plan to release these expansions shortly after the official launch of Penalty Cards!

I have a good idea for a punishment!  Where can I tell you about it?

Please use our submission form to tell us your punishment ideas!