Penalty Cards

Take game night to the next level

Penalty Cards

Raise the stakes of any game with Penalty Cards, the punishment collection that'll make everyone a winner– except the loser

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Penalty Cards
Before a game starts, pull a penalty card
How it Works
Agree on a difficulty level:
 Easy, Medium, or Hard
Once the game is over,
have the loser complete the penalty 💀
  • Keeps long games exciting and incentivizes all players to still try their hardest, even if they won't win.
  • Variety of creative punishments
  • Ability to complete punishments almost anywhere
  • Physical Card pack coming soon!
Works Great With

Card Games


Cards Against Humanity

What do you Meme

Board Games




Video Games

Smash Bros



And More...!

Mini Golf

Jackbox Party

Nearly any multiplayer game!

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We're launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring physical Penalty Cards to life very soon! 


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